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Hi, My name is Mike Bruce,

Your health and wellness coach,

and I believe that

You Shouldn’t fear bacon, butter, and salt

Have you tried everything, struggling year after year with some new diet or workout, seeing a little bit of success just long enough for a vacation or a family party to knock you off track?


  • Does it take EVERYTHING in you to keep up with your “diet?”
  • Are you sick of feeling guilty when you eat the “wrong” foods or worse, are you just sick of eating “healthy” foods?
  • Do your emotions get the best of you even in situations where you should be able to control them?
  • Has brain fog and forgetfulness become an ever increasing part of “aging” even though you’re not old?
  • What would happen in your life if “HEALTHY” just got easier?  What if food wasn’t surrounded by shame and doubt any more?
  • What if you no longer felt bad for missing your 5th workout of the week?  Who the heck told you to work out so much anyway?  The same people that can’t make up their minds as to whether an egg is healthy or not.   AN EGG!!!

Guess what?

Healthy foods SHOULD actually taste good.  You shouldn’t have to fear bacon, butter, and salt.


A workout should be fun IF you are going to do one!

You should just feel HAPPY for no reason MOST of the time!!!


I was a Yo-Yo dieter for years.  I couldn’t figure out what to do so I starved myself and exercised too much in an attempt to try and burn off more calories than I ate.  


Anyone who has tried this knows that it is only a temporary solution.

Through gaining and losing, gaining and losing my depression and self-esteem only got worse (there was a lot of self-loathing too).  

I thought I would never figure it out!

Almost by accident, things started falling into place.  A sudden weight loss WHILE ON VACATION led me to a conversation with another traveler that led me down the path to where I am today!


60 pounds lost, the fittest and happiest that I’ve ever been, and I never struggle to keep myself there!

Let me help you discover what works for YOU so you can become



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What others are saying


Like I’m on fire for life.

1. I feel incredible. Like I’m on fire for life.
2. My experience with you and what you’ve taught me has helped me regain a confidence in myself that I haven’t seen or felt in years
3. High 5 yourself, and you’re wife for me, cause I think what your doing for people is amazing. If only everyone would put forth the effort to be awesome!
Physically, I’ve lost weight, I’m motivated to eat healthy and work out because I feel healthier. More alive. No more yucky gut all the time. Just better all over.
Mentally. I’m happy. I’m alive inside. “Life starts with food!”= Truth!